Alessandro Perini - Phase​/​Perspective

from Mechanics of Breath by Eva Zöllner, accordion & Heather Roche, clarinets



Phase/Perspective for clarinet, accordion and electronics (2020)
A mirror provides a more or less adequate reproduction of a body. A shape can be multiplied on the floor by point sources of light which produce variously deformed shadows. An object fabricated in endless identical copies, placed one after the other, invites the eye to decode a visual pattern, a pulsation.When a series of elements is set slightly out of phase, perspective may appear, either as a real phenomenon or as an illusion for the eye. In music, the dimensions are multiple: not only space, but also time, polyphony, pitch. The sonic doppelganger of an accordion, or a clarinet, can gradually detach itself from its origin, becoming a perceivable projection in any of these dimensions, rather than a mere shadow. When the distance from the origin trespasses a certain threshold, particular harmonies, rhythms, melodies and forms emerge. (AP)


from Mechanics of Breath, released March 20, 2020


all rights reserved



Zöllner-Roche-Duo London, UK

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