Jonatan Sersam - Passing lodestones

from Mechanics of Breath by Eva Zöllner, accordion & Heather Roche, clarinets



Jonatan Sersam - Passing lodestones (2020) for accordion and clarinet

Body passing another, attracting. repelling. with ambiguous intentions, hovering in and over spectras. touching nodes and partials, lightly. continuing through tunnels built on harmony grounds. chords. aspiration in layers, each layer with its flux. singing over warm bellowing gills. it’s proposing a melody, aspiring, inspiring to become linear, linearity being a viewing, analyzing and proposing body. again attracting. and repelling. they might synthesize. merge. eyes keep watching eyes. body that draws to body. shape cries for another shape. like lodestones.

JONATAN SERSAM (1986) is a Malmö based composer who graduated in 2017 after eight years of composition studies at the Malmö Academy of Music, the Conservatory of Bologna and the Künstuniversität in Graz. He’s an active musician and one of the founders of the composer group Hertzbreakerz. Jonatan Sersam also worked between 2011 and 2016 with the Connect Festival for new music in Malmö. He worked with several internationally renowned ensembles. Jonatan Sersam was a finalist in the ALEA III competition in 2016 with his piece Vindöga for five bassoons, piano, double bass and percussion. he received several scholarships, from STIM, the E. Johnson, the Lauré foundation and the Royal Music Academy (KMA).Jonatan Sersam is experimenting with the narrative structures of music, trying to draw parallels and interconnections between contemporary dramatic thinking and the purely abstract flow and musical transformation of sound. Jonatan Sersam was elected in the Swedish Society of Composers ( in 2018. A part of Jonatan Sersams work catalogue is published by BabelScores.


from Mechanics of Breath, released March 20, 2020


all rights reserved



Zöllner-Roche-Duo London, UK

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